Located in Bonner Springs, KS, Wishes is a scrapbooking, quilting or crafting retreat. It is a great place to relax, reconnect and focus on you.  A women's retreat with friends/family for a weekend getaway.  While Wishes has primarily been a scrapbook house for 10+ years, its great place for girls birthday parties, girl scout outings, girls weekend or special events.

The newly painted Victorian home has a main room with tables and chairs, a sunroom (perfect for massages on your weekend stay or to relax in thought),  a kitchen & bath on the lower level, and in the back of the house is a store with crafting supplies and various other gifts & fun items.  The upstairs has a bath and 3 bedrooms.  There are 10 single beds.  Overall the house, built in 1900, has a relaxed & comfortable feel which adds to the weekend experience.

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